Friday, May 7, 2010

MarunthuVazh Malai(Marunthu malai)

This place is situated near to pottayadi with the National Highway towards Kanyakumari from Nagercoil under the territory of Kanyakumari Dist. This mountain Range is bounded with western ghats.

This is famous for its own herbal plants covered along the mountain range, which have more than 200 rare herbs.

Most Siddha Sadhus lived here and search for rare herbals to various diseases.Aiyya Vaikundar also came here and meditated in the mountain range , which is near to Swamithoopu.

Now a days somebody only knows the details of the miracle herbals.So it is essential to study on Maruthuvazh malai.

And another miracolous thing in the top of the peak we can see the 360 degree of the town and the triseas namely , Bay of Bengal,Arabian sea and Indian Ocean.

Here some of the  medicinal herbs

Karuda kodi-              Cure for snake bites
Navar ilai -                  used for making Kayathirimeni oil for wounds
Aadu thinna paalai-     To grow hair
Naiuruvi-                    Cure for Dog bites.
Periya nangai-            snake will not come closer to this, so we can plant on our homes.
panjam pisin-              cure running nose and sinus
Or ithal thamarai-        Used to cure ulcer and other wounds
Sanjeevi mooligai-      This is the herb used to be keep us always young.
Karrum soorai-          cure illness for childrens red wounds