Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Hotel of Madras D'Angelis at Mount Road

Ad of D'Angelis hotel at Chennai

Interior view of D'Angelis hotel

D'Angelis hotel

D'Angelis hotel Garden Restaurant

Logo of D'Angelis and showing the name of the Properitor G.D'Angelis & son

View from mount road

Garden Restaurant

Advertisement in the Newspaper

This is the Photo of the First Hotel inMadras D'ANGELIS. Mr. GIACOMO D'ANGELIS is the owner of the Hotel .His family is now living in South AmericaThis place is Now changed over to Bata showroom on Mount Road.


  1. Mr Anne Jes Medon, You have a nice Blog!!
    Thank's for Post whit Photos of The Hotel D'Angelis!!
    This Year is the Centenary of a Madras Airplane, becose in March 10 .1910, My Great Grand Father, Giacomo D'Angelis Fly his Biplane at The Island Ground, Madras. in The Hindu , 23 Agost 2010, is aa article , about, writen by Mr Subbiah Muthiah, Well Know for his Histories about Madras.
    The D'Angelis Family now live in U.S.A, Spain, Argentina and Chile.
    Well done!!! Mr Anne Jes Medon!! Regards
    From South America (CHILE)

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