Saturday, October 30, 2010

Carmel alumini at Loyola today for old Students of Carmel

 Carmel old Student meet on october 31 st 2010 at Chennai Loyola College,Nungambakkam at evening 5.30 Pm. All old Students of all batches are welcome there . Its the first time the meeting is being arranged.

Formatiuon of Kanyakumari district and annexation to Tamil Nadu

The Histroy of Kanyakumari district begins with the erstwhile Travancore kingdom, broke away in the year 1956 it is 54 years now the dedication and strong belief of oneness amongost tamilian still has yet to happen It is time we shed all our displeasures and have a common approach to the true spirit of Tamilian Brotherhood and the development of Kanyakumari District.

Do you want to know that your city has today rain ?
This is the website that we can know that if we have rain or not in our city and plan our travel
To know about your city try it out....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google Offices in India


Google Bangalore
Google India Pvt. Ltd
No. 3, RMZ Infinity - Tower E
Old Madras Road
3rd, 4th, and 5th Floors
Bangalore, 560 016
Phone: +91-80-67218000
Google Gurgaon
Google India Pvt Ltd
8th and 9th Floors
Tower C Building No.8
DLF Cyber City
Gurgaon India
Phone: +91-124-4512900
Google Hyderabad
Google India Pvt. Ltd
Block 1, DivyaSree Omega
Survey No. 13, Kondapur Village,
Andhra Pradesh, India
Google Mumbai
Google India Pvt Ltd
264-265 Vaswani Chambers
1st Floor
Dr Annie Besant Road
Mumbai, 400 025
Phone: +91-22-6611-7200

Google TV

It’s been almost five months since we introduced Google TV to the world at Google I/O, and today we’re happy to give you an update on our progress. For those who haven’t yet heard of it, Google TV is a new way to think about TV: it’s a platform that combines your current TV programming and the open web into a single, seamless entertainment experience.

One of our goals with Google TV is to finally open up the living room and enable new innovation from content creators, programmers, developers and advertisers. By bringing Google Chrome and access to the entire Internet, you can easily navigate to thousands of websites to watch your favorite web videos, play Flash games, view photos, read movie reviews or chat with friends—all on the big screen.

Since our announcement, we’ve been overwhelmed by interest from partners on how they can use the Google TV platform to personalize, monetize and distribute their content in new ways. Most of these partner sites already work with Google TV, but many are choosing to further enhance their premium web content for viewing on the television. Today, we’re excited to announce several of these content partners.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Discovery Channel Catching Eye Balls among Tamil audience

After launching the Tamil version of Discovery Channel, its program are viewed by more number of people across Tamil Nadu.Mainly the Programmes like Time warp, the technology program catches frames per second of the content they shooting.
Man Vs Wild by Bear Grylls shows very thrill and Survivor Man with Les Stroud alone for 7 days in forest, desert and untamed in world .
After success of the Tamil version of Discovery channel now they had started airing the Telugu version of Discovery Channel.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No more consuming of Palm Sugar Coffee(Karupatti Coffee)

Coffee Made out of Palm sugar(Karupatti) is no longer being consumed. Before a decade , the consume of Karuppukatti is used by more number of people mainly in villages. This is rich in calcium and good for healthy heart.
Mostly southern District of Tamil Nadu consume more Palm Sugar because they have more Palm trees and Palm dwellers.
In Most of the houses, Palm sugar cup was an cottage industry for their daily needs.
Palm sugar was originally made from the sugary sap of the Palmyra palm , the date palm or sugar date palm (Phoenix sylvestris). Now it is also made from the sap of the sago, arenga pinnata and coconut palms, and may be sold as "arenga sugar" or "coconut sugar"
palm sugar has long been a staple for South East Asian culinary heritage and herbal medicine, the evolution of this traditional sweetener into a practical and easy to use cane sugar alternative heralds an exciting moment for the food & beverage industry. Coconut Palm Sugar has an extremely low glycemic index, an extremely high nutrient content and an affordable price for manufacturers and consumers alike.

There has been a rapid increase in popularity with progressive manufactures in the United States who make products for the health conscious consumer. Because diabetes is becoming a global epidemic, consumers are becoming very aware of their sugar intake, in what form their sugar comes in and where it comes from. Coconut palm sugar, because of its low glycemic qualities and high nutrient profile, is gaining in popularity for a wide array of uses to cater to the sugar conscious consumer.
Companies are using coconut palm sugar in cookies, baked goods, protein powders, energy bar, beverages or anywhere cane sugar is used.
Palm sugar is often used to sweeten savory food to balance out the salty flavor of fish. Its primary use in Thai cuisine is in sweets and desserts, and somewhat less often in curries and sauces.
Indians have two varieties of Palmyra sugar. One is unrefined and is in the form of hard blocks of dark brown sugar. This known as Karuppatti in Tamil. Kerala in India also has this palm sugar known as karipotti and is used to make coffee known as karipotti kapi.This is used as a sweetener for making certain types of cakes and biscuits. To the east, West Bengal also has a date palm jaggery variant, available as a dark brown liquid (nolen or notun gur)and as a solid, dark brown block (patali gur). It is used to prepare rich milk based desserts.

Best IT Employers In India

The Top 20 Rank 2010
I Gate 3
Rolta India 4
Infinite 5
Capgemini 6
L&T Infotech 7
SAS Institute India 8
Tulip Telecom 9
Synechron 10
Tavant Technologies 11
Sify 12
Mind Tree 13
Datacraft India 14
Virtusa 15
Patni 16
Sybase 17
Pitney Bowes 18
Citrix 19
Unisys India 20

Friday, October 8, 2010

Instant Search on

Google Instant is a new search enhancement that shows results as you type. We are pushing the limits of our technology and infrastructure to help you get better search results, faster. Our key technical insight was that people type slowly, but read quickly, typically taking 300 milliseconds between keystrokes, but only 30 milliseconds (a tenth of the time!) to glance at another part of the page. This means that you can scan a results page while you type.
Previously they started in google .com